Leitenberger Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH

From the outset, our employees‘ development capabilities and innovative ideas, characteristic qualities of the people of the area, rapidly led to an extensive range of measuring, testing and recording instruments, designed to record physical variables. In addition, the range now includes mechanical, electronic and optical testers. Of medium size, the Company has undergone considerable expansion as a result of further developments in every product group. In turn, we have been able to optimise our services and to introduce the latest technologies jointly with our customers and, in this way, to establish long-term business relationships. Thanks to our uncomplicated, direct contact with the customer, we are able to satisfy the most wide ranging of functional and other requirements in the minimum of time, with reliable, thorough solutions. To this end, we also collaborate with efficient associates worldwide, guaranteeing exceptional value for money and high standards of quality. Customer satisfaction throughout the world confirms our success on a global scale.
Thanks to user satisfaction and a loyal customer base,

can look forward to a successful, innovative future.


Figures + Facts


  • Founded in 1969 in Reutlingen, in the heart of the "wild South"
  • The first successful products are thermometers and manometers (pressure gauge)
  • In 1985, following a fire in the company building, relocation to Kirchentellinsfurt, Bahnhofstraße site with approx. 5000 m²
  • First "auto tester" is the cooling system tester (today TVU 139)
  • Split of the different segments into 3 sister companies: Autotestgeräte Leitenberger GmbH, Leitenberger Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, Leitenberger Druck and Temperatur GmbH 2013
  • Increase of the production facilities and construction in Kirchentellinsfurt around approx. 1,300 m² 2014
  • 2014 Total employees: Approx. 150

Headquater: Bahnhofstraße 33 approx. 2500 m²

  • Offices, administration, purchasing, sales
  • Graphics, QA, exhibition room, training room
  • Lab for development electronics/software
  • Development, Mechanics
  • Production parts, Shipping

Factory I: Bahnhofstraße 32, approx. 2500 m²

  • Quality check
  • Production, installation
  • Lab / Development
  • CAD office, 3D printer
  • Electronics system
  • Circuit board configuration
  • Repair shop

Factory II: Alexandroupolis, Grecce, approx. 2200 m²

  • Pre-installation
  • Partial installation
  • Warehouse

Factory III: Commercial park approx. 180 m²

  • Cardboard warehouse
  • Packaging material warehouse
  • Depot
  • Employee parking spaces
  • Visitor parking spaces

Factory IV: Wannweiler Straße 3, approx. 2200 m²

  • CNC foam rotary cutter
  • Case production
  • Empty case and foam material blank warehouse
  • Lab for sensory devices (software/hardware)
  • Software development and programming


There are approximately 150 parking spaces available for our visitors and employees around our building.